Protecting Your Family

Checking For Hidden Electrical Wires Before Beginning A Home Improvement Project

by Raymond Watson

Something as innocent as hanging a new picture on the wall could result in hundreds of dollars in electrical repairs if you accidentally sever one of the many hidden electrical wires inside your walls. As if this is not bad enough, you could also find yourself dealing with some rather serious injuries if the electrical current is allowed to travel from the severed wire into your body.

Thankfully, it is possible to avoid these issues by simply taking the time to check for hidden wires before you begin any home improvement project:

How Do You Find Hidden Wires?

Hidden wires can be located in your walls through the use of a device known as a cable detector. This affordable piece of equipment can be purchased at local home improvement or electrical supply stores. You may also be able to rent a detector from some supply stores.

What Is A Cable Detector?

A cable detector is a small handheld device that is used to detect the presence of electrical wires through the use of sonar technology. Using the unique echo produced by an electrical cable, these detectors are able to easily determine the presence of hidden wires.

How Is A Cable Detector Used To Find Hidden Electrical Wires?

In order to find the hidden wires inside your wall using a cable detector, you will need to place the head of the detector flat against the wall. Beginning in the lower left corner, work your way across the wall. Continue making passes over the wall moving up just a few inches with each pass.

Each time the detector indicates the presence of a wire, make a mark on the wall using a piece of chalk or pencil. After covering the entire wall. Simply connect all of the marks you have made in order to determine the exact path of the hidden cables.

A Final Thought

Finding all of the hidden electrical wires in your walls is a time consuming, yet important task. If you find that you don't have the time or equipment necessary to complete this task on your own, a licensed electrician will be able to complete the task for you at a rather reasonable rate.

Just remember, broken electrical wires can increase the risk of an electrical fire, result in faulty outlets, and cause personal injury. Therefore, it is always better to be safe than sorry when completing a home improvement project. Try contacting a company like Crown Electric Ltd to learn more.