Protecting Your Family

Guide To Preventing Rodents From Damaging Your Electrical Wiring

by Raymond Watson

Nothing is more irritating or dangerous than having a rodent chewing away at electrical wiring. They are smarter than you think. An old saying by Benjamin Franklin applies here: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Here are a few ways you can eliminate the problem by preventing the rodents from being able to get to the wires in the first place.

Deny Entry

Locate any cracks, gaps, or crevices that may be an open invitation. Check for gaps between pipes and inspect the foundation of the home for cracks. If the hole is large enough to insert a pencil, a pest can get through it. Observe any light seeping through crevices around wires for a possible doorway for a rodent. Regular home maintenance can help with this part of the problem. Try placing chimney vents or screens over the chimney. Squirrels and bats love coming into a wired home through an open chimney.

Food Sources

Be sure to keep food in lockable containers or plastic bags, because rodents have sharp teeth and love to chew cardboard. If you have a pet, keep the food stored in a metal trash can or similar container. Be sure to remove waste and leftover food regularly. Be sure the outside container is not close to the home. If you recycle, be sure to rinse the containers thoroughly. Rodents' teeth are constantly growing, and that box can be just what it is looking for to keep its teeth filed down!


Place bait traps in the areas you have either heard rodents scampering about or noticed droppings. The rodents will take the bait back to its nest and share it. You may also purchase a rodent repellent to spray around wiring, boxes, and any areas where you can access. Most hardware stores will have the sprays in stock, but this option is not safe if you have small children or pets in the home.

As you see, one of the main points is to remove all of the attractive features the rodent may be searching for in your home. Be sure to observe any signs of droppings, and remember, rodents will chew on anything. Preventing rodents from becoming a problem is always ideal, but never 100 percent possible. If you know you have rodents in your home and they have done damage to the wiring, you are going to need a licensed electrician like one from Energy Management Solutions with McCaine Electric Ltd to fix the wiring, as it can be extremely dangerous to fix on your own.